Sex addiction workshop with Karen Lloyd -18 June, Newbury

We are looking forward to our seminar on sex addiction and how to work with this growing problem in the therapy room.

In today’s digital world we see reports in the news on a regular basis of out-of-control sexual behaviours, often attributed to the errant celebrity ‘caught with his trousers down.’ In the psychotherapy and counselling world sex addiction is fast becoming a common presenting problem.  We will address the growing problem of sexually compulsive/addictive behaviour, love and porn addiction, and sexual acting out behaviours, both on and offline.

Karen Lloyd is a BACP Registered Accredited psychosexual psychotherapist and a certified sexual addiction therapist. She also works as a trainer, and as an accreditation assessor for BACP. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in psychosexual psychotherapy and previously worked as a therapist and trainer for Relate for over 10 years. Karen has a long established practice in the West Midlands working with individuals, couples and groups. She runs a 10 week psycho-educational course and on-going women’s support group for female partners of men with sexually compulsive/addictive behaviours, as well as intensive residential psycho-educational groups.

For tickets, go to


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