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Psychotherapist, Jo Turner, writes about last Friday’s Archetypes and Healing seminar with Peter Buxton:

“The seminar provided us all with an appetite to learn more about the concept of archetypes in our various therapeutic roles. Peter Buxton opened up another very useful and interesting toolkit – using archetypes to really question and understand ourselves and our clients. We learnt that each of the many archetypes represent a ‘light’ and a ‘dark’ attribute which can inform us in a conceptual way about our motivations, feelings and needs. For example, the ‘warrior’ archetype can be positive, in the sense of battling for good causes or valid personal reasons; and also negative, in the sense of being a person who is warring to create difficulties and unhappiness. Choosing 12 archetypes to describe ourselves or our clients and then truly taking the time to think through how each archetype represents itself, can be invaluable in understanding human nature and behaviour. Using the archetype name with our clients could open up a channel into their thoughts and feelings, prompting discussion and exploration. We were able to connect with the archetypes through experiential and role-playing methods at this very enlightening seminar.”

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Archetypes – our latest seminar topic

Carl Jung introduced the world of psychotherapy to the idea that humanity shares certain archetypal images – such as knight, artist, lover and warrior – at a subconscious level, and uses them to describe and understand human experience. With the help of therapist and supervisor, Peter Buxton, we’ll be exploring this field further at our seminar in Newbury this Friday, 30 January. Find out more at and watch this space for feedback after the event.