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Seminar on Sex Addiction with Karen Lloyd, 18 June 2016

Karen Lloyd, an accredited psychosexual psychotherapist and certified sexual addiction therapist, gave us a full day of insight and knowledge on the quite misunderstood and challenging subject of sex addiction.

Karen Lloyd with Wendy Bramham

Karen Lloyd with Wendy Bramham

We learnt that people with sexual addiction do not have fun, that it is not related to a sexual orientation, neither is it connected to sexual fetishes or paraphilias. Sexual addiction is not the same as sexual offending.

We thought about the many words we might use to describe a person with sexual addiction problems and that they are mostly negative. Shame is the most acutely felt emotion and trained therapists work mainly with supporting and helping their clients to manage their feelings of shame.

Karen helped us to understand how she and her fellow trained therapists work with clients and gave us lots of detail on the complexities of working in this specialist field. It is a “process addiction” and the primary driver for sexual addicts is for mood altering purposes. We thought about some similarities in how alcohol addiction is now managed, for example providing support groups as a powerful and effective technique.

Karen spent the 2nd half of the day focusing on how she and her colleagues help the partner of a sexual addict and how isolating and shameful the discovery of a partner’s sexual addiction can be.Seminar sex addiction 2016

The seminar was interactive and well paced, packed with information and insight and very much a taster of how to work with this very challenging subject.

By : Jo Turner, June 2016

We are pleased with the delegates’ average feedback scores as follows:
Overall assessment of event: 4.89 out of 5
Speaker: 4.5 out of 5
Value for money: 4.89 out of 5

Comments from delegates:
“Fantastic delivery of the course by Karen, very insightful and interesting”
“Excellent value”
“Karen’s experience, warmth and knowledge made it easy to engage and enjoy the seminar”
“Very relaxed, intimate and cosy to share”

Talking about sex in therapy

From IVF to orgasms, viagra to virginity, Saturday’s ‘Sexually Speaking’ seminar on addressing sexual issues in therapy gave us plenty to think about. The speaker, psychosexual psychotherapist, Karen Lloyd, offers a CBT-based programme of therapy to couples experiencing problems in their sexual relationship. We learnt that one of the first steps in any sex therapy is to take the pressure right off the physical relationship and encourage couples to develop intimacy using strictly non-sexual touching (‘sensate focus’). We went on to look at our own early introductions to the topic of sex and to brainstorm as many words as we could for female and male genitalia – with the inevitable laughter and embarrassment! I may have thought I was ok talking about this subject, but actually using straightforward language about sex brought me up against some of my own internal barriers and inhibitions. Karen introduced us to some common sexual problems and the psychological issues that may underlie or augment physiological symptoms, and we finished the day with a useful introduction to sex addiction, particularly in relation to pornography, which Karen identified as a growing issue. All in all, we opened the lid on this sometimes awkward but always deeply personal topic. I would certainly like to learn more about this in future, and will aim to be more aware of the profound importance of sexuality, intimacy and physicality in all our lives.

Briony Martin – psychotherapist

This seminar was assessed by attendees as 4.57 out of 5 for the overall quality of the event. The speaker was rated 4.77. Thank you to all who attended this and previous seminars, we appreciate your participation and your feedback.